Missed The Post? Send a JiveBird!

Post closing December 17th. JiveBird is digital and instant greeting

Missed The Post? Send a JiveBird!

To send or not to send – that’s the question!

We’ve all been there. The Christmas season eats up all our time; we get busy with the presents, parties, and cooking that we end up rushing to the post to send our cards at the last minute. But the post closes on the 17th of December!

What if we told you that there’s an alternative to traditional cards? JiveBird can solve your post office dilemmas, because you don’t need to leave your house or go to the shop to wish your friends and family a Merry Christmas! Instead, you can send them a JiveBird greeting with just a few clicks, and it’s sent instantly to their phone! 

JiveBird makes it simple, quick, and personal for the sender (that’s you!) to give the recipient a great greeting this Christmas!

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How can JiveBird help me send the best Christmas greetings? Answers on a postcard please…

Christmas and New Year’s Day are approaching, everybody deserves a greeting to remember and it’s a time to stay connected. With the on-going pandemic, 2020 and 2021 have been unpredictable, but JiveBird brings the smiles and joy across the nation! You can send a Merry Christmas greeting with a voice message, song, eCard or PhotoCard, and an optional eGift – all in one!

Our voice message feature is simple, and it can be as personal as you would like it to be! You can convey whatever feelings you want to in 30 seconds. Tell them you care about them, wish them a Happy Christmas, tell them your favourite Christmas memory with them etc.

In addition to this, you can also send a 30-second song! Music helps us resonate with the past and bring positive feelings. We have over 25,000 songs that cross generations, occasions, and genres. Our music feature is something that a traditional card in the post doesn’t have, and it makes each JiveBird extra personal for the recipient, so pick the ideal Christmas song and make them smile cheek to cheek!

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Our app also has Christmas themed eCards that can be personalised with a simple message or pun! Be witty to make them laugh, or be sweet to make them smile. eCards are also better for the environment as no paper or petrol is wasted because eCards are sent digitally, not by post! We aren’t perfect but sending eCards works — in terms of simplicity, being greener, making people happy! Along with your eCard, you can also attach a picture from your gallery such as your Christmas dinner, your decorations, or the snowman you have built (if it snows!).

JiveBird can even take care of your Christmas presents! You want to leave your friends and family feeling loved and this is exactly what our optional eGift feature is for! With a selection of top brands, you can wrap up your greetings with an eGift. The brands listed on our app include Argos, M&S, River Island, Amazon, John Lewis, Costa Coffee and many more! Celebrate Christmas over a cup of Costa coffee! Your lucky family and friends could spend your eGift buying Costa’s festive drinks. There is no better way to celebrate Christmas!

Plus, if you send a JiveBird for Christmas Eve, you could be in with a chance to win a £20 eGift voucher of your own! You can read more about this in our Christmas Giveaway blog.

JiveBird is more than just a traditional Christmas card. You can use all our 5 features and schedule your greeting to arrive on Christmas Day, or send it instantly with no delivery costs. You don’t have to worry about rushing to the post to send your greetings anymore, and it doesn’t matter if you forgot to send off your cards before the post office closed. We hope we have given you a great alternative in this blog!

Create a JiveBird now on iOSAndroid or Web!

Merry Christmas, JiveBirders!

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