Christmas is coming! Celebrate with an online greeting!

Spread Christmas delight with JiveBird greetings. eCard, christmas songs, eGift - in one! Perfect for Holiday season

Christmas is coming! Celebrate with an online greeting!

It’s that time of the year again where the snow is settling, the deliciously sweet eggnog is served among friends, and everyone is rushing to the shop to look for the best presents! To save you from the cold airs this year, we will help you send JiveBird season greetings to someone special through our five features: voice message, music, eCard, selfie, and optional eGift. So, move along Santa, we have this one covered!

Voice message

Our 30-second voice message feature does exactly what it says on the tin; it’s simple, personal, and fun! You can wish them a Happy Christmas or tell them a joke to tickle their funny bone with a voice message! Hearing the voice of our loved ones on Christmas is special and it gets everyone right into the holiday spirit!


It just wouldn’t be the Christmas season if you didn’t celebrate with a song so it’s time to change the record and overflow your greetings with Christmas songs! Never mind the jingle bells, we’re talking about the songs that will make you burst with joy and Christmassy elation! Here are some song ideas for you to add to your personalised greetings!

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

You can’t go wrong with this classic, it ticks all the boxes! It will leave them wanting to sing along and tap their feet to its catchy melody!

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day!

This is an appropriate song with all the enthusiastic vibes it brings! With a chorus that will make you shout as loud as you can, this song brings all the festive fun to your greetings!

Blue Christmas

A bonus if the recipient is a massive fan of rock and roll but this song will forever remain catchy, and it’s always a reminder that Christmas is best celebrated with your loved ones! Highly recommend this song in your JiveBird greetings!

Silent Night

You’ve heard this song all over TV and it is the perfect song for joy! Silent Night will be the perfect background melody to accompany your voice message, and they will appreciate hearing it when they receive your JiveBird!

We have many more catchy Christmas songs in our app! Simply check out the Christmas category on our app to find the perfect song to add to your personalised greetings.


The voice message and music are JiveBird’s delightfully unique offering, but the festive fun truly kicks off with an eCard! What would Christmas be without an eCard? Don’t let the Grinch win. Celebrate Christmas with a JiveBird eCard!

Traditional cards have long been associated with Christmas, but with JiveBird, you don’t need to worry about going out in the freezing weather to the shops or relying on the post! We have a great selection of jolly Christmas eCards on our app, and they are a great way to say ‘I’m thinking of you!’ this holiday season.

Our eCards are digital, quick and easy to use, and sent instantly to the recipient! What’s more, you could even add a personalised message on your eCard to make it extra special, so flex your creative muscles!

Christmas card with a pun. Celebrate holiday season with online greetings!

Selfie or picture from your gallery!

Photos are always memorable, that’s why we have a feature where you can take a selfie or add a picture from your gallery! Proud of the Christmas dinner you cooked? Celebrating with the family? Capture these exciting moments and include them in your JiveBird greetings to send the magic of Christmas to your friends and family. After all, this is a time for love and togetherness! 

eGift (optional)

We love the vibrant decorations, the songs, the cards, but it’s the presents and gifts that spread the good feelings to others! If you’re feeling extra generous, explore our eGift feature on our app and pick a top brand! It is optional but sending an eGift is a labour of love. The smile it puts on people’s faces is contagious!

Everybody loves Christmas shopping and if you’re a little behind on yours, eGifts are a great way to make up for it! Brands on our app include Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Argos, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and many more! Check out our app to discover them all!

Christmas happens once a year; it’s the ultimate feel-good season of decorations, turkey and biscuits but it’s also about expressing your appreciation to those who matter with a voice message, music, eCard, selfie, and optional eGift. JiveBird is a greeting that your friends and family will never forget.

And the cost? The first two JiveBird greetings are FREE! After that, they’re only 99p each!

Download the app today on iOS or Android and make your loved ones smile this Christmas with JiveBird! 

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